Host Chaz Wolfe brings Justin Beedle to the king’s table on his Gathering the Kings-Construction podcast.

Justin is a 9+ figure king in the construction industry. He is the majority owner of Patriot Development & Construction. He has two other partners, Mike Stolle and Thomas Borrego, that are also involved in the business. He is a commercial general contractor building projects in every division of construction including multi-family, retail office, financial, veterinary, medical, dental, retail, car washes, and gas stations. He’s based out of the Dallas Fort Worth area and his territory is almost the entire state of Texas. Justin purposefully hires veterans transitioning out of the military.

In this episode, Chaz and Justin discuss how to make a quality investment, the importance of hanging out with people smarter than yourself and building the right teams in your business. Tune in today to learn more from Justin’s years of experience to grow your business!