What does a Design-Build project entail with Patriot Development & Construction, LLC?

Design-Build is a method of project delivery in which the project owner and the Design-Build team at Patriot Development & Construction  – work under a single contract to provide complete design and construction services.

One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion.

Design-Build is an alternative to the traditional hard bid project delivery method. Under the hard bid approach, design and construction services are split into separate entities, separate contracts, separate work that the project owner needs to manage. This separation of entities can oftentimes cause tension and finger-pointing through the construction process, which most often ends up with change orders and increased costs for the project owner.

A Design-Build with PDC helps ensure the success of both horizontal and vertical construction projects with superior results – no matter what the project type. Consider this flow chart and see the considerable amount of management that an owner must supervise through the traditional hard bid process

  • Owner must manage 4-5 separate contracts as well as handling permitting
  • Owner becomes the go-between, settling disputes between the Designer and Contractor
  • Designer and Contractor can easily blame one another for the cost overruns and other problems
  • 61% of projects finish behind schedule
  • 49% finish over budget
  • Owner manages only ONE contract with a single point of responsibility
  • Designer and Contractor are on the same team, providing unified recommendations
  • Changes are addressed by Design-Build entity, not used as excuses

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