At Patriot Development & Construction, we have a great understanding for people who are seeking to invest but may not always know how to begin the process of streamlining their investment. That’s why, we have developed and constructed steps that make manifesting an investment simply easier.

PICK & PLACE is a concept created by Patriot Development & Construction that is an approach in making development of your investment easy and less confusing from inception to completion. It is an answer to a growing need of the number of people who want to invest and want to do it now while the market is viable. In 2021, Texas had the largest population increase in the country according to the Census Bureau, published March 2022. PICK & PLACE is the answer to this fast-growing market.

PICK & PLACE offers a pre-packaged multifamily project with options in elevations, unit mixes, and finishes so you can easily pick what apartment option best fits the location you are planning to place your investment.

PICK & PLACE takes away the confusion of figuring out how to start, manage, and complete your project.

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