To provide leadership, management, and facilitate primary point of contact communications for all phases of construction project(s), including supervision of staff, governance of sub-tier agreements, application of Patriot Development & Construction policies, ensuring improvements are of a quality nature in compliance with contract obligations, and that work is progressing on schedule and on budget.


Our PMs are leaders of the company.  Staff at all levels view PMs with high regard.  Patriot Development & Construction’s culture is to work as one cohesive unit, treat each other with dignity and respect, and to desire the person beside you to have all the success they desire.  It the PM’s responsibility to ensure that the men and women tat they lead are well taken care of and are progressing personally and professionally.  A PM shall be familiar with employee policy, operate in compliance with the policy, reinforce the policy with team members, and lead by example.

Patriot’s culture embraces the notion that we all perform better with we are enjoying our work, overcoming challenges, learning, achieving, and yes, winning.  As PM you are a leader in the company charged with promoting this positive company culture.  Winning needs to be shared.  Lessons learned, humbly and invitingly shared as well.  This company consists of construction folks who have high expectations for themselves and those that work with, all contributing to the level of pride that binds us as team.


The PM is responsible for operating and managing the project in compliance with Patriot’s Safety Manual.  Develop site specific safety plan compliant with OHSA requirements.  Communicate and manage site specific plan with staff and sub-tiers at pre-construction meetings.  The PM shall administer projects consistent with the companies’ goals, policies, and procedures.


The PM and Superintendent have the largest impact on whether patriot has the opportunity of repat business and is often conversing with contacts that could present new opportunities.  The PM is to conduct all communication, presentations, and site operations in a professional manner.  The PM shall ensure that Patriot’s signage is sharply displayed at all times.  The PM will participate in events promoting the company.  PM shall remain knowledgeable of all company engagements.  The PM should be engaging clients, architects, and other project contacts for additional opportunities (new projects). The PM shall provide urgent response to any Company marketing or estimating request pursuing RFI/RFQ/RFP/Interviews, to include keeping your personal resume current and immediate participation in brainstorming, content contribution and subsequent review of RFP written and graphic (draft) content, once requested.

Supervision and Personal Improvement

Provides Orientation Training, encourages ongoing Training, governs with accountability, administers Performance Evaluations, and recommends Employment Status changes for PM’s direct reports.  Authors and administers effective Development Plan for individual staff members.  The PM is responsible for establishing the culture of the project team.  Provides meaningful recognition to project team.  PM is responsible for establishing and achieving safety standards and ensure cleanliness of the site/operations.

Management of all Superintendent responsibilities demonstrating ownership of Superintendent’s performance results.

Scheduling and Proactive Planning

The PM is responsible for creating, publishing/communicating, administering, correcting, and updating the Overall Owner’s CPM Project Schedule. Secondly, the PM shall develop an internal management schedule which aims to accelerate milestones ahead of commitment dates.  Supporting responsibilities should be delegated, provided they do not hinder the PM’s ownership.  The PM’s direct supervision of project staff, coordination and governance of sub-tier agreements, and communications with our client and the project architect afford the PM the most influence to ensure production progress is compliant with the schedule/’/budget goals established for the project.  The PM shall always work proactively in planning the project (4weeks to 12 weeks ahead).  PM may need to create, publish, and mange a written schedule recovery plan, should the project suffer a delay.

Budgets & Billings Management

There will be many times where the PM will help establish the project estimate and budget.  This enables the PM to maintain ownership of the project and its overall performance.  PM is responsible for facilitating the Client Application for Payments (OAP), Budget Management, and Accounts Receivables.

PM is responsible for identifying, assessing impact, authoring, presenting, and perfecting Owner change orders and ensuring appropriate authorization is received prior to the change in scope being completed.

Revenue Forecasting: PM is responsible for establishing predictable progress of construction activities (maintain schedule) and understand the project billings as they relate to percentage of line item / over project completeness.

Conflict Resolution / Problem Solving

The PM is a problem solver focused upon resolving disputes or non-compliance issues that disrupts the production of the project.  Disputes may arise from Subcontractors, Suppliers, Client, Architect, Inspectors, or staff.  The PM initiates and authors formal notices, secures subcontractor signature and serves notices.

Meetings and Communications

Presides at Project Pre-Construction Meetings with Owner, Architect, Jurisdictional Authorities, and Utility. Responsible for ensuring all supporting meeting documents are professionally prepared, accurate, and complete. Presides at Owner, Architect, Contractor meetings.  Responsible for ensuring that all supporting meeting documents are professionally prepared, accurate and complete.

Working Conditions

Occasional airline and automobile travel required – Work in an office and field environment.

Must be able to lift 50 pounds – Overtime may be required to meet project deadlines – Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard, mouse, and other business machines.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Strong written and oral communication skill – Strong interpersonal skills – Strong negotiating skills – Strong computer skills, emphasis on Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Bluebeam, Procore, and Buildertrend – Dispute Resolution – Financial and Job Cost Accounting Knowledge – Ability to work under pressure, coordinate numerous activities and groups of people in a collaborative nature to achieve maximum efficiency.